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    Printable Maps of Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification (BEC) Subzones and Variants and Downloadable GPS Waypoints for Field Use

    The following BEC subzone and variant maps are based on BEC version 4 GIS data, produced and made publicly available by the BC Ministry of Forests and Range, Research Branch. For more information on BEC and access to more current BEC subzone/variant data (cartographic or GIS products) see www.for.gov.bc.ca/hre/becweb/resources/maps/index.html


    Overview map
    Overview map


    Individual maps

    Click on a map below to open a printable high resolution PDF document in a new window


    Map A

    Map B

    Map C


    Map D


    Map E


    Map F


    Map G


    Map H


    Map I


    Map J


    Map K


    Map L


    Map M


    Map N


    Map O


    Map P


    Map Q


    Map R


    Map S


    Map T


    Map U









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